Automaticly Start/Autostart VM on ESXI 6.7

ESXi servers are intended to work 24/7/365 – all-time providing access to running virtual machines ( VMs ). All servers configured and installed in a good way have UPS and redundant power supply in case power failure not to down server immediately. UPS device help to give more time to shut down VMs smoothly and save way. But what if ESXi server restarted and after that, we want to see running VMs without our attention.

It is possible by configuring Autostart for each virtual machine. Let’s see how to do it :

  1. Go to Host -> Manage —> Autostart —> and click Edit Settings

2. Next check YES for Enabled and also you can here configure times for Start and Stop delays – let’s leave it as a default = 120 second. Then Click OK

I use ESXI on very low power consumption server as a NAS ( worked on OpenMediaVault and also VMs from time to time when labing) and when it is not used for a long time it is a good idea to power off and then start again everything will boot as we configure on ESXi.

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