EVE-NG with SecureCRT

When playing with EVE-NG we have to choices when come with console – one is HTML5 CLI that is very cool, it doesn’t need any more software – just click on running node and new web browser tab appear and you are ready to configure interfaces .. ( remember to pick HTML5 option when login to lab : )

There is the second option called „Native console” – this is where we can use our own console software like Putty, XShell, SecureCRT or other terminals. Here are going to set up SecureCRT with EVE-NG . Other stuff should work in the same way. Let’s GO !!

  1. First, you have to have CRT installed on your machine – DONE.
  2. Open Secure CRT and go to Options -> Global Options…
  1. Go through the left tree to Terminal -> Web Browser. You can find the button ‚ Make SecureCRT the default Application‚ – Click on it.
  1. If you use Win10 you see popup says that in case you want to change the default app for console ( telnet, SSH protocols) go to Windows settings. Let’s go and see if we have the proper ( SecureCRT ) app next to the telnet protocol.
  1. Ok, then everything is configured let’s go and see how it works with running nodes. I powered up router R22. when clicking on it a new window will pop up where we should choice Open SecureCRT Application.
  1. After sometime when router booted you will see CLI inside SecureCRT program. That is DONE, have a nice CLI work 🙂

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