EVE NG and Wireshark capture (access denied error)

To be able running Wireshark and capture packet doing a lab on EVE NG the packet „EVE-NG-Win-Client-Pack.exe” is needed. Here is link to download;


and this video explain step by step how configure all tolls from the mentioned packet :https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ea4U93991dw?feature=oembed

Wireshark could not work properly if a password to EVE is not configured correctly ( when you set up your own password for EVE NG and Wireshark is installed with default EVE login and password. When you didn’t change it then bellow error will not appear )

You click node and point Capture plus interface and nothing happen or you see error like here :

Access denied tells us that the password inside the wireshark_wrapper file should be set correctly. Let’s fix it.

  1. You need to know what credentials you are using when login to EVE NG console :
  1. Go to the folder where EVE NG packed is instaled ( C:\Program Files\EVE-NG ) and open wireshark_wrapper file in text editor ( recommend notepad++ )
  1. Set the correct password and save the file.
  1. Now, go to lab topology and try to capture one of the running nodes:
  1. No ‚Access Denied’ error now 🙂  – you can capture packet using Wireshark with your EVE NG labs

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